Manual Coupler
(Stainless Steel Handle)


Safeload Manual API Coupler – Available with various Main Seal options

SKU: CE94/2700xx


Safeload Manual API Coupler – Designed for bottom loading with a unique wrap-around trigger design that follows the profile of the loading adapter, covering more than 60% of its circumference.

4” TTMA inlet flange. Outlet connection complies with API RP 1004. Materials of construction – hard anodized aluminum, nitrited steel and stainless steel. Fitted with Viton B seals and stainless-steel handle as standard. Operating instructions included.

Seal options – See Range

Options – Semi-automatic and high-pressure versions.
Available with ball-end aluminum handle.


Weight 10.2 Kg
Design Pressure (MAWP) 6 Bar (87 PSI)
Test Pressure 10 Bar (145.0 PSI)
Max. Surge Pressure 15 Bar (217.5 PSI)
Compliant with ATEX Group II, Cat 2; EN 13083 & API RP1004 (2003).



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(Stainless Steel Handle)”

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